Dingos is a play-to-earn game on the Harmony blockchain with a low barrier of entry. Dingos will be completely free to play, with additional benefits for holders of a Dingo NFT.
The first gameplay teaser of Dingos

Dive into an open world where your choices matter. Mint is live!

Dingos is an open-world game currently in development, featuring unique character NFTs. In its finished state, the game will feature two distinctly different stages for you to enjoy:
Stage 1
A visual-novelesque style introduction that allows you to form your Dingo's personality based on a karma system. Depending on the decisions that you are ultimately forced to make, your Dingo will become more degenerate or deform. The choices made in this introduction will have a lasting effect throughout the rest of the game. A short playable demo showcasing this system is already available.
Stage 2
An open world featuring GTA-style story campaigns with play-to-earn elements. Through minigames, storylines, and a fully-fledged achievement system you will be able to earn $DG to spend on in-game cosmetics, apartments, furniture, relationships—but also on objects that will help you on your journey through the Dingo metaverse. There is no end goal, therefore the sky is the limit.
This stage will feature several collaborations with other NFT projects, encouraging players to participate in the overall Harmony metaverse.
If you're interested in which ways you can currently participate in and contribute to the game's development, skip ahead to NFT Staking.
Each Dingo is entirely unique.
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